I mean’t to blog about this a while back but I just haven’t got round to it. Anyway, I wanted to have a go a doing a Twilight vampire style portrait of my wife Bex, obviously the main character Bella Swan isn’t quite a vampire yet in the films, but you know its coming, right?. We both like, well love the films, anything about vampires is great in my book. Although nothing beats The Lost Boys for me. Anyway I’d said one night whilst watching Eclipse, ‘I could do that to you’ talking to Bex, and she said ‘do it then!’

So I setup the off camera flash with umbrella in the kitchen one evening and just quickly fired off a few shots of Bex. Now she’s not one for posing for photographs usually, which is a shame me being a Photographer and everything, you know she couldn’t help but smiling all the time! but we got a couple of shots that I knew I could work with in the end.

So this is the shot I went for, now for processing it. This is where it gets a bit complicated. I started off in Lightroom adjusting white balance a lot, bringing the exposure down, softening the skin a little.

Then when I got it into Photoshop I went crazy, liquify, cloning, painting new eyes at 400% zoomed in, actually painting new eyes is quite a lengthy process, I actually didn’t want to over do it really, but I think I did in the end. You can see now she’s a vampire the lenses you can see in the original are gone, perfect vision!

So I finished off by doing a serious job on skin smoothing, and creating that blemish free vampire look, and here is the finished shot. I must say next time I do it, I’ll probably leave some detail in the skin, and also do something different with the eyes, but hey it was fun to do over the top processing for a change.

So you can compare here is the original.